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The way in which work pressure is being dealt with at universities is a theme that is still very much under development. By sharing knowledge and experiences with one another, we will remain engaged in dialogue about work pressure and will be able to arrive at feasible solutions as a sector.

Therefore, this e-magazine is not a completed project but a work in creation, which will regularly be expanded with new articles. As a result, this magazine will regularly be updated with current information for the foreseeable future. You can also share information via our e-conferences and LinkedIn page and remain up to date on developments related to work pressure.

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Share your questions, experiences and ideasDo you have any ideas on how to deal with work pressure, or do you have any examples of great initiatives? Would you like to share your experiences with work pressure and how to deal with it with the university world? Or do you have any questions that you could really use help on from colleagues in the sector? In that case, let us know. You can also use the contact form below. We will then share your story with the sector in order to encourage others to also start dealing with work pressure and to continue doing so.


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